Summer Solstice Portal Activation

Experience the Power of the Summer Solstice Stargate Portal Opening!

Step into the transformative energy of the Summer Solstice where together, we harnessed the radiant light emanating from the sun on the longest day of the year, activating and amplifying frequencies of love for personal and planetary healing.

Led by Kelly Kolodney and The Angel Raphael along with Debashree Turel, the visionary artist behind the Master Ascension Light Codes, this event held a special significance. Debashree was at the Arctic Circle, carrying a sacred and magical dragon's egg infused with light codes gathered from sacred spaces around the world over the past two decades. As we united from every corner of the globe, we collectively emanated the radiant light of the sapphire and emerald codes from our hearts. Through a mystical rainbow bridge, this light connected with Debashree's crown chakra as she dropped the dragon's egg, sowing seeds of light into the Arctic waters to heal the planet's soil and water.

Participating in this replay event grants you an upgrade within your light body, as benevolent star beings bless our hearts with crystalline light. Prepare to elevate your consciousness to a whole new level, embracing the transformative power of the etheric light and the frequencies of the blue and green rays.

We offer this transmission based on a donation model, with a suggested amount of $21. However, we understand that financial situations vary, and we invite you to contribute what feels right in your heart.


Recommended donation $21.00 Some will give more, some will give less, no one will be denied access to this sacred event.

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