Past Lives Light Code Activation

Connect to Your Past Lives
with Isis and Thoth

The Past Lives Light Code Activation will connect you with your guides Isis and Thoth who will help you tap into the great design of your soul through the Akashic Records and help you to disentangle from past lives and agreements. Often, we carry with us old karmic patterns that no longer serve us. The ancient Egyptian gods Thoth and Isis will help you recognize these patterns and release them.

Thoth presents you with the opportunity to visit and amend your Akashic Records on a guided meditation journey into the Halls of Amenti and the Library of Light.

Thoth and Isis will reveal a blueprint summary of your past, present and potential future lives, your karmic status as well as the spiritual representation of your DNA that is contained within every cell of your physical body. 

Hidden blockages to your spiritual growth and wellbeing will be presented to you and a great, spontaneous rewiring is offered to you by both Isis and Thoth. These blockages will be released from old un-serving contracts and quantum-spiraled into multidimensional activated DNA helixes of your new ascension blueprint.

Infinite probable quantum futures and realities will be simultaneously activated to help you keep on your ascension track.

What you'll get:

  • Past Lives Light Code Activation ceremony
  • 6 recorded sessions of transmissions and meditations with Isis, Thoth, The Angel Raphael, and/or Kelly
  • Over 4 hours of recorded Q&A and Group Coaching sessions
  • Meditations to expand your ability to access your Akashic Records
  • Practical Guide PDF with Class Notes

This is a self-paced course where you can experience the transmissions at your own schedule.

You can also register to join the Light Codes as they are transmitted LIVE and receive access to the entire Light Code Activations Video Library by becoming a member of The Angel Raphael Community at the Light Code membership level. Review all the benefits of the Light Code membership and join at the following link:  

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