Creation Key Code Activation

Ignite your spark of creativity and begin an exciting life journey!  

We will work directly with the Ascended Master Sophia as we connect with the universal womb of creation to support you in opening creativity, letting go of resistance and birthing exciting new life journeys. This is the black void from which all manifestation of life emerges. It contains the sum total of all possibilities.

Your connection with creation enables you to discern the appropriate solutions and find unique, practical, or fanciful answers to the obstacles you choose to overcome. 

Through creative action we are able to find the path toward abundant love, romance, money, health and work. Without creativity we feel stagnant and bored. As we become more aware of how every experience presents an opportunity for growth, the cultivation of creativity will make us better able to fulfill our dreams because we will be inspired by our highest selves born in the womb of creation!

During this 9 day journey starting on January 23rd and continuing weekday mornings from Monday to Thursday at 9am through February 3rd, we will receive guidance tapping into the source of creation as the Ascended Master Sophia shares channeled messages, meditations, question and answer sessions through Kelly. Three hours of group coaching is also included!


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Hello Beautiful Soul!

Earlier this year I asked for guidance before I went to bed. During that night, The Angel Raphael downloaded 33 "Key Codes" to unlock and open forgotten gateways to higher consciousness into my field while I was sleeping. Each Key Code has many nuances that are delivered energetically while The Angel Raphael translates the vibrations into words to help us mentally comprehend the capabilities that are being delivered on an energetic level.

Every Key Code Transmission focuses your awareness upon an aspect of your Highest Self. Each activation helps you access the divine vibration of the frequency you were born to express in this lifetime.  This retuning helps you to release unconscious patterns that have prevented you from realizing your true self potential until now.

Each Key Code provides a different aspect of what it means to become the Ascended Master that you are.

It is an honor to serve you as a guide on the most important journey of your life!


Kelly and The Angel Raphael


I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience I had today after speaking to you and Raphael. I felt an immediate shift in my energy after speaking with her.

- Mary Nugent

You are so blessed to have your gift. Raphael touched on everything I was so confused about. My eyes watered with joy when she said we were old friends and she sat with me before I came here to help me decide if I should come here.

- Keesha Wood

Thank you Kelly! There are no words to express the depth and Galactic meaning and power of this class in my life! and Thank you to YOU for your self-sacrifice.

- Jessie